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The Asia Dragon country China is the perfect embodiment of all that is exotic and mysterious, delighting the travel enthusiasts heart and soul. Thanks to the vast territory endowed with marvelous natural landscapes and the rich profound culture developed through the history dating back many millennia, the Middle Kingdom offers myriad things to visit and explore. After recent decades of magically rapid economic growth, the vast country has even increased its fascination with the beautiful contrast between the glorious past embraced in the well-preserved architectures and the urban- thriving modern life.

Among its enormous charms, tourists might be lost in the woods and even skip out must-do or must-see things sometimes. Thus, China Local Tours, with a proudly extensive understanding of famous destinations to the less-known corners throughout the country, has briefed up the top China attractions that tourists should not skip. From the captivating cities of Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, and Guilin, Huangshan’s majestic natural landscapes, to the treasures of the country – lovely pandas of Chengdu and much more, visitors then will gain a complete, authentic, soul-stirring and unforgettable experience.