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China Adventure Tours & Holiday Packages

Welcome to China – home is full of adventure for travel lovers. Hidden stunning landscapes to explore, unique cultures to discover, splendid history to uncover and special cuisines to taste, which is a truly inspirational experience for you. Challenge yourself with trekking and camping along the Great Wall, cycling around Xi’an Wall, hiking the Famous Longji Rice Terraces, riding a Bambook Raft down the Li River and much more. All of these things you do and the destination you go certainly make you feel more fulfilled and alive.

At China Local Tours, we specialized in customized active holidays across China for people who prefer independent and adventurous traveling. We are confident to bring the real China for you and create adventure China tour packages that will last in your memory for a lifetime! If you’re seeking the best adventure tour in China, check top recommendations out now for adventurous China travel.

China Adventure Tours & Holiday Packages

Mysterious China Adventure Tour -12 Days

China Adventure Tours & Holiday Packages

China Adventure Tour with Horse-Riding – 8 Days

China Adventure Tours & Holiday Packages

Taste of China Adventure Tour – 14 Days

China Adventure Tours & Holiday Packages

Enthralling China Adventure Tour – 13 Days

China Adventure Tours & Holiday Packages

Mount Huangshan Adventure Tour – 4 Days

China Adventure Tours & Holiday Packages

Authentic China Adventure Tour – 11 Days

Best China Adventure Tours | Top Recommended Adventurous Activities

China is the home to varied beautiful landscapes of incredible grasslands, mountains, rivers, deserts to admire; superb cuisine to enjoy, as well as rich history and culture to explore. Thus, there is no wonder that more and more travelers heading to the country in the search of adventure. If you have fallen in love for the marvelous and mystical Middle Kingdom and are looking for the best activities for adventure tours in China, here are our recommendations.

Hike and Camp on the Great Wall

The Great Wall which is one of the world’s seven wonders is no doubt on the first of the list. Challenge yourself to trek through the Jinshanling or Jiankou section of this incredible human engineering to be a “real man” according to president Mao’s saying. Have a more authentically adventurous experience by camping along the Great Wall and catching the spectacular view of this wonderful historical sight on the next day. great-wall-camping from China adventure tour

Cycle around the Xian Wall

If you are interested in both adventure and culture, Xian is a must-have destination in the itinerary of your own China adventure trip. Besides the terracotta army, the city is also known for owning the most restored and intact ancient city walls. The adventure travelers should not miss the exciting moments cycling around the 13-kilometer wall which was a part of the military defense system. During the ride, visitors can take in the magnificent view of the whole city from the wall as well. biking on Xian old wall in China advanture tour

Sleep at Everest Base Camp in TIbet

For a higher level of adventure in China, travelers can think of spending a night at the Tibetan Everest Base Camp (Qomolangma). This incredibly adventurous activity is a fascinating opportunity to witness the majestic Himalayan mountains and catch a glimpse of local life around you. Tourists can opt to do a rigorous trek up or take on an easier 7-kilometer trek in case of limited travel time. Also, pay a visit to the highest altitude monastery in the world - Rongbuk located on the foot of Mt, Everest to add more cultural colors to your trip. everest-base-camp-trekking - China adventure tour

Hike the Beautiful Longji Rice Terraces

The splendid and breathtaking scenery of the most famous rice paddies on the face of the planet will be another highlight of your adventurous traveling in China. The Longji (Dragon’s Backbone) Rice Terraces can be visited all year-round but they are far more beautiful at certain times than others. Come to witness the mirror-like terraces in the spring, lush greenery covering the paddies in the summertime, the glorious golden color of fall and winter’s silvery land. During your exploration, you can have a stay in the nearby village of Ping’ an and catch a glimpse of local life. Longji Rice Terraces hiking from China tour

Hop on a Bamboo Raft Down the Li River

Yangshuo is a peaceful countryside endowed with the fantastic mountains and karst formations. Adventure travelers can be interested in bamboo boats sailing along the Li River. These bamboo rafts take visitors to explore the beautiful rugged limestone formations and the local lifestyle around. As Li River is quite popular, have your trip early to catch the morning light and have the panoramic landscapes all to yourself. Bamboo Rafting on the Li River from China adventure tour

Trek the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Known as the best hikes in China, the Tiger Leaping Gorge is a great destination for active travelers to discover. Located on the way from Lijiang to Shangri-La in Yunnan Province of Southwest China, the spectacular scenery along the gorge is worth a visit. Take a drive to Tiger Leaping Gorge town, trek along the foot of Haba Snow Mountain then you will enter the gorge. The trail does not need to be strenuous as there are the guesthouses on the way for tourists to ensure the good shape. Upper Gorge and Walnut Grove are also good places to extend your adventure. Trek the Tiger Leaping Gorge - best thing to do in China tour

Challenge yourself with Huangshan Plank Walk

Mount Huangshan Walk is definitely not for faint-hearted travelers. It is the world’s deadliest trail in which tourists will solely rely on ropes to move little by little on the wooden planks built on the cliff. Have once-of-a-lifetime experience on the famous Plank Road in the sky and make a good test of your endurance and courage.