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China Yangtze River Tours & Holiday Packages

Do you want to immerse yourselves in China – a country so vast, so ancient, so diverse? Beijing, Guilin, Chengdu, and Xian are not enough to get a complete picture of marvelous China. The hidden gem for you is taking a cruise on Yangtze River with amazing moments and authentic experiences. Get ready to fall in love with the tranquil atmosphere of the rural roads in Yichang, experience an amazing cruise along Yangtze River, marvel at the Three Gorges’ Dam among other stunning views as well as exploring the longest river in Asia. Yangtze River offers you more than a perfect tour, it is about real China.

China Local Tours operate a wide range of China Yangtze River Tours, China tour packages as well as travel services to help you get a closer insight into the ancient and modern China. Please keep in your mind that if you can not find any China Yangtze River tours that suit you, contact us for a free inquiry and our travel expert will help you tailor-make your worry-free China Yangtze vacation. Get inspired now!

Best Time for Yangtze River Tour

Spring and autumn are the best seasons for cruising along the mighty Yangtze River. In the spring from March to May, tourists can catch marvelous sight of blossoming flowers. Also, the temperatures are at their mildest during this time and the water level is moderate, which is easier for boat travel to the most popular attraction along the cruise. Not having the booming beauty of the spring, but the landscape in the fall is still lush and pleasant to enjoy. The temperatures are reasonable, ranging from 10 to 22 degree Celsius between September and November. Since the national holidays take place in the autumn, travelers are more likely to enjoy special folk traditions and music. In these two high seasons of traveling, it is a good move to book well in advance. Best Time for Yangtze River Tour Winter covering from December to January might also be considered a good season despite the cold weather. In the least popular to take in a Yangtze River tour, the prices are at their lowest, often only half of that in the high season. Beyond the advantages of travel cost, the scenery of winter on Yangtze River, especially on the Three Gorges is also impressive due to the reduction in water level. Take amazing photo opportunities as the vessels sailing into the mist among breathtaking snow-covered evergreens. Travelling Yangtze River in the summer will put the tourist at the time of highest rainfall. In addition to the rain, it is also the hottest part of the year with the temperature heading above an average of 30 degree Celsius. The weather in the summer is extremely unpredictable so prepare well for both intense heat and rain as well. Flooding is uncommon and the water level reaches its highest point during the season while the droughts are likely to be caught in the southern regions of Yangtze River. Thus, you will find not only the incredibly verdant and lush but also dry and barren landscapes.

Weather in Major Cities along the Yangtze River Tour

Besides the route between Chongqing and Yichang passing the Three Gorges, the cruise trip on the Yangtze river can take tourists further to ancient Wuhan and modern Shanghai. Take a glance at the weather information in each city for better preparation for your trip. Nanjing, Wuhan, and the foggy city Chongqing are the “three furnaces” of China, known for the long-lasting hot and oppressively humid summer. Yichang has a great contrast between the hot summer and the damp, cold winter. Shanghai weather is mild and moist all year round with the spring and autumn being the best time to visit. Weather in Major Cities along the Yangtze River Tour

Advice for Smart Packing for China Yangtze River Tour

Spring and Autumn: You will be glad to have a light jacket or windbreaker in a spring morning of high winds and low temperature; sweaters, coats are appropriate for colder mornings and days in the fall. Pack yourself with a waterproof coat with a hat in case of rain showers. Summer: Shorts, T-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, sandals are good on sunny days. Pack hats, sunglasses, and suntan lotions for self-protection under the intense heat. Rainwear in case of thunderstorms. Winter: Remember to bring snow boots, heavy coats, and sweaters. For cold early morning and rain, warm, wind and water-proof coats are needed. Others + Passport or birth certificate with a raised seal + Photo ID + Sunglasses, Suntan lotion, soap, shampoo, toothbrush , toothpaste, brush, hair dryer, aspirin, shaving gear and other hygiene items Guide for China Yangtze River Tour