Coronavirus in Wuhan, China | Bright Sides of the Outbreak with Over 600 Recoveries in the World

Coronavirus in Wuhan, China ,bright Sides of the Outbreak with Over 600 Recoveries in the World

Coronavirus might be the most frequented keyword all over the world this time because of its very quick global spread, about 20,000 infections, and its severe consequences with 427 deaths up to now. However, there has been a number of positive signs among the epidemic with more 650 recoveries in many areas inside and outside China. Both authorities and the public are unanimous to unite against the outbreak. Efforts of the government and treated cases are clearly a testament to this claim.

Positive Signs of Coronavirus Situation in China

Chinese Government has made a huge effort to contain the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic. Many big and important activities involved by many people have been canceled like large New Year celebrations, popular tourist attractions, releases and so on. For example, some tourist sites in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Chengdu, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan, and Guilin have been closed due to the epidemic. Recently, infection cases are increasing slower than the previous time, and there are more steady recoveries in China in particular and in the world in general. To prevent the spread of the outbreak, authorities decided to extend the Chinese New Year festival from Jan 31st to Feb 9th. So far, fatality cases found from the virus were mainly those who had low immunity or a history of respiratory disease or other illnesses.

Positive Signs of Coronavirus Situation in China

Efforts from the Chinese Government to Solve Coronavirus

Build a 1000-bed Field Hospital within 10 Days

A week ago, Chinese authorities and workers were working around the clock to build Huoshenshan Hospital to serve as a center for isolation and treatment for patients infected with the coronavirus. As scheduled, the hospital was completed on Feb. 3, within a total of 6 days with the capacity of 1,000 beds and it occupies a 269,000 square at the edge of the city. Not only that, an equally ambitious timeline is Leishenshan Hospital with a 323,000 square and 1,300-bed facility slated to open two days later.
On top of that, the first hospital dedicated to patients infected with coronavirus was built within only 2 days. More than 500 workers and dozens of heavy vehicles have been working for 2 constant days and nights to complete the project on time. The renovation began on January 25 and on January 27, all patient beds, electricity, water and internet systems were installed, according to the Huangjiang city government.
With great efforts and contribution, the Chinese government hopes to treat as many patients suspected of contracting the coronavirus.

Build a 1000-bed Field Hospital within 10 Days

Test Coronavirus Vaccines

Many scientists all over the world are making a great effort and working around the clock to develop new vaccines against Coronavirus.
The Alliance for Disease Response Initiatives (CEPI) has aimed to create vaccines for human trials within 16 weeks. In France, the Pasteur Institute which is experienced in preventing and treating infectious diseases has announced they found and successfully cultivated new strains of coronavirus. This is the first achievement of Europe in researching coronavirus and is a step forward in vaccine research and treatment regimen. With the newly cultivated virus strain, scientists will apply it to develop serology, treatment regimens, preventive vaccines, and viral pathologists.
In China, a lot of scientists have researched to find a way to medically contain the virus before it has a chance to mutate a new vaccine. More than thirty new vaccines including recent methods and biological products are working on developing treatments.

Coronavirus Vaccine Testing

About 650 Treated Patients in Mainland China

The patient diagnosed with the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pneumonia was discharged from a hospital in east China’s Jiangxi Province on 27 January. This patient marked the first cured patient in the province. After that, more and more cases have been successfully cured, and the exact number is 659 recoveries till now (Feb 4). This improvement proves that though the outbreak has been spreading throughout the world, there are certainly effective measures to prevent it. Thus, people feel more and secure and safer in the context of severe coronavirus booming.

Many Coronavirus-Infected Case Has Been Solved in Some Countries – A Light Bright

According to statistics, the total recoveries all over the world reached 669 cases, including 659 cases in China and the rest from other nations. Some areas that can cure patients infected with coronavirus consist of Thailand, Australia, Japan, and Vietnam. This is totally good news because it means the effective medical methods will be adapted widespread and then save many patients.

Many Coronavirus-Infected Case has been Solved in Some Countries

As Wuhan Coronavirus’s situation has developed more and more complicated every day, we should keep your mind on updating new information and follow preventive methods recommended by the government.