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Colorful Nightlife in China- China Local Tours

As the sun disappears in the west, lights glowing slowly cover the earth with the golden blanket, the nightlife begins in China. The night beauty lies in magnificent scenes and the flourishing atmosphere. The China tour would not be completed without a visit to China’s nightlife to experience the bustling and vibrant atmosphere. Discover little and little to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in this marvelous country.

Most Charming Night Views in China

Hong Kong

After the sunset, the sky gently turns dark from blue, all the landmarks lit on, and the gleaming lights cover Hong Kong. In the city owning the largest number of skyscrapers on the world, from the high position, various colorful lights create a panoramic view like immense stars on earth. Visiting the Victoria Peak and Sky 100 Observation Deck in Hong Kong to enjoy the iconic overview of the whole city looking out the harbor and islands over the South China Sea.


This metropolitan city never sleeps. At dusk, the bustling nightlife just starts. Tourists should not miss the stunning scenery when stroll along the Bund Promenade to watch the changing lights from impressive skylines including the Oriental Pearl Tower, or get on a boat cruise ship in Huangpu river, feel the breeze and submerge yourself in appealing architectures of classical Europe buildings and modern landmarks from two sides.

Shanghai - China Local Tours


Beijing as the heart of the nation is the country’s political, cultural, and economic center which blends its ancient past and modern development. At night, Beijing shows unique charms with a totally different vibe from the morning to the tourists. The majestic looks of Tiananmen square in the south of Chang’ an Avenue, magnificent show of lights in Bird’s Nest- Beijing National Stadium and peaceful scenery with colorful lights reflected in Houhai Lake are waiting for tourists.

Spectacular view of Beijing - China Tour Package


Surrounded by thousands of flowers, the spring in Guangzhou seems everlasting. In the evening, taking a night cruise ship in the Pearl River is highly recommended to all tourists. The beautiful river, enchanting view from both side, numerous lights illuminated brightening up the river will make you feel like getting lost in the colorful fairyland.

Guangzhou - China Local Tours

Tourists can take the night cruise ship from one of five wharves including Tianzi Wharf, Dashatou Wharf, Zhongda Wharf, Fangcun Wharf, and Xidi Wharf.


Nanjing surrounded by water and green mountains, witnessed the luxurious life of six generations of Chinese emperors. At night, thanks to gleaming lights covering the whole city, the scenery looks more enchanting than ever. Visit Nanjing’s Confucius temple, Xuanwu Lake, and Yangtze River Bridge to enjoy the stunning views and the beautiful harmony of China’s old days and the western styles in the city.

Things to Do in China at Night

The nightlife in China is so vibrant and colorful with tons of activities for entertainment.

Immerse in Chinese Performances

Nighttime is perfect for enjoying thrilling performances in Chinese theatres. There are numerous shows for you to choose, varying in types and scales throughout the country. For example, as a part of cultural experience in China, you can watch authentic Beijing opera in Mei Lanfang Grand theater, appreciate Cantonese opera in Guangzhou, or enjoy the iconic feature of Chengdu- Sichuan opera, etc.

Chengdu- Sichuan Opera - China tours

Otherwise, fantastic circuits, acrobatic shows of international level or thousands of live performances will make your night perfectly.

Roam around Chinese Night Markets

Conquer in Chinese markets to feel the hustle and bustle of the nightlife. Chinese shopping streets in the evening are the havens for shopping lovers with an enormous amount of goods, from clothing, accessories, gifts, antiques, artworks, jewelry, etc. always full of natives and expats. Enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, buying cool stuff or having a fortunetellers say about your future is such an amazing way to spend your night. Some popular shopping areas to step your foot on are Mong Kok’s Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong, maze-like Tianzifang alleys in Shanghai, Chengdu’s representative Chunxi Road, etc.

Enjoy Tasty Chineses Food

Chinese cuisine is famous all over the world with countless delicious and fantastic dishes. Throughout the country, there is a wide range of flavorful food characterized by locations as Cantonese, Sichuan, Shandong, and Huaiyang with the different style of cooking.

Cantonese cuisine in China Local Tours

Why not thank your body after a day of traveling with mouthwatering dishes? Here in China, you can enjoy high-end Cantonese cuisine among luxurious interiors in the Jumbo Kingdom of Hong Kong, taste famous Chongqing hotpot, or grab a bite at Beijing’s Wangfujing snack street, etc.

Chill out in Bars and Clubs

Relaxing in bars and clubs is a cool option for a dynamic night in China. Sip a drink, chill out with music and chat with friends in the famous bars highly recommended by travelers including Beijing’s Houhai Bar Street, Guangzhou’s Binjiang Road, Huanshi Road, and Bai’e Tan, Xi’an’s Defu Bar Street, Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong, and so on.

Is it safe in China at Night?

It is not easy to answer the question about China safety at night with a certain word. The local showing a friendly attitude towards expats, regular police presence, low criminals, violence, and no resident owning a gun are the good sign of safety. Many foreigners share that they have nothing but positive experiences in China. However, it is necessary travelers should bear in mind the possibility of dangers happening in China streets at night. Tourists should be aware of pickpocketing and scams, avoid dark and deserted alleys as the attack on foreigners is rare but still can happen, choose reliable places to entertain, etc. Despite all concerns, China nightlife is absolutely worth exploring.

Bustling atmosphere of China at night