China Golden Triangle Tour – 9 Days

Are you curious about what the Golden Triangle is? Well, it is the name given to the top three cities you must visit in your China tour including Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian, which make a triangle on the map when you join them together. With the accompany of a team of professional tour guides and experienced drivers, our 9-day China Golden Triangle tour offers you a wonderful chance to reveal all the hidden gems of these three golden cities. Immerse yourself in the great show of ancient masterpieces such as the awe-inspiring Great Wall, intricate Forbidden City complex, mysterious Terracotta Army, stunning religious sites like Temple of Heaven and Small Wild Goose Pagoda, and the picturesque gardens in Shanghai. Besides, the tour is a beautiful harmony of the traditional and modern, as tourists can both gain an intimate view of the local lifestyle of the old days in Beijing and take in the vibrant prosperous atmosphere of the metropolis Shanghai.

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